Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Railsys error with exception code 0xC0000005

Recently, I had to fix an issue running Railsys (http://www.rmcon.de/railsys-en/)  infrastructure /timetable/simulation tools and multicore simulation (slitsimu.exe) with the symptom below:
-        Timetable and infrastructure executables (simu.exe and sted.exe): whenever the program close, Railsys throws and error message which is reported in a dump file
-        Multicore simulation cannot start (splitsimu.exe)
-        Railsys version: 10.3.238 or later (I have not tested on older versions)
Dump file details

It was very annoying as the computer is brand new Alienware (i7, 32GB).
It turned out that the click-and-run installation of MS Office 365 is the issue in this case. If you encounter similar error, please uninstall MS Office 365 and download the installation file to install it offline. It could fix your problem.
I also had this issue with Train Load Predictor software (www.lunarr.com.au) when Access Runtime library does not compatible with MS Office 365 click-and-run installation. This is a known problem and may be Railsys implementation hasn’t been updated with this type of installation yet.

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