Monday, 6 June 2016

An example of how to setup Google Calendar Sync plugin

(from rhaber posts in OpenDental forum)

With great thank to Dr Richard Haber who has been testing the plugin intensively for us and provided valuable feedbacks to improve the plugin


Now I want to share with you how I am planning to use the ONLINE scheduling with
(or you can use any other similar service)
I have not implemented that in my office yet

- Mopensoft plugin will allow OD to sync to Google Calendar (automated and manual sync options available)
- Google Calendar will sync to (or any other provider) - ..... offer 2 ways sync with google calendar and not just integration with google calendar.
- Email is sent from to the provider informing the office that a booking is made.
- In OD, you get a pop up that an appointment was made online (not finished yet, Minh working on it ......)
- Front office enter the appointment in OD, 
- and Mopensoft plugin autosync, will sync OD to Google Calendar again

I have not started this online booking yet , still testing for over a week now and it looks fine, offer one month free trial to test their services.

Through I was able to create these options


I decided to design this online booking webpage on my website, and the link will be emailed to our recall patients, and maybe to those patients that need treatments.
so when a patient click on one of these options, the booking calendar open directly without going through all the additional options that are provided by widget.
I just wanted to bypass all the other additional pages.

You can create any options that you are interested in, depending on your office needs

Again, I am still testing it, and it look very promising

If you test it, and you find any bug, please post it here or email it to mopensoft


I started using a different online scheduling, similar to OD web schedule, for our patients to make their own appointments, and it is a very GOOD start.

last year , my receptionist started collecting patients emails and cell phone numbers. so we have a good database.
We presented this small UPDATE slip to “ALL” of our patients ( every patient that walked through our door)
presented to them as an update of personal information.

Last Name: ____________________ First Name_________________________
Email address: _____________________________________________________
Wireless Phone: (_____ )____________________________________________

Telling your patients about THIS ONLINE BOOKING is always the missing part.

1- We sent an email to all of our active patients telling them about the "New Online Scheduling" that is available to them now

Subject: NEW Online Scheduling - Book Online your next dental appointment! 

We are happy to inform you that you can now book your appointment online with our office 24/7. This option is available on our webpage http://www. {URL} 
Call our office (123) 456-7890 if you are having any difficulty finding the right time to schedule your appointment. 
We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment. 

2- In all of the recall template Email messages we added this message too: 
"New Online Scheduling is available now 24/7 on our webpage {URL} "
from the main Menu, go to Setup/ Appointments/ Recall
We mainly sent it to those patients who are overdue for recall, 

3- we added that also to the Text messaging and Email "CONFIRMATIONS" templates
so patients will know that online scheduling is available to them now
"New Online Scheduling is available now 24/7 on our webpage {URL} "

4- we added it to the message that is sent on the recall reminders post cards too
(if we do not have a patient email or cell phone number)

5- we added it at the bottom of our signature in any email sent to patients

6- " I " tell every patient that comes to our office that next time they can try it and give us their feed back

7- Made a special appointments options on our contact webpage mainly for NEW PATIENTS to use it
Easier for the new patients to schedule their appointment

Note: The 2 ways TEXT MESSAGING was the best thing I added to OD
We have been using it for over a year now and it really works!

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